Spring onto a carpet of flowers on the Cape West Coast!

Unmistakably one of the most beautiful seasons must be Spring, particularly for the flower route on the West Coast of South Africa. At Kabura Travel & Tours we believe the best way to see this spectacle of flowers during the West Coast flower season must be on our West Coast private tours.

The West Coast National Park and Post berg Flower Reserve is the most prominent location to see the flowers. Stretching endlessly in a vast variety of natural colors, this breathtaking display on the West Coast of the flowers is truly something for the eye to behold.

Just beyond the West Coast Nature Reserve we find the town of Langebaan, the Jewel of the West Coastan done of the most popular vacation destinations among our locals in the Western Cape and South Africa.

The flower route on the West Coast up to Namaqualand can be found in full bloom during August and September. For those who have more than a day or two to see the Namaqualand flowers, we will take you up to the Namaqualand National Park where you can overnight in the area.Here one can enjoy a truly unique experience on the flower route in Namaqualand. This is Mother Nature at its best.

A little piece of Amsterdam in South Africa!

Let us talk about private tours in a city that is alive, has a pulse and never slept, Cape town south african premier tourist destination!!! Let’s talk about Kabura Travel & Tours, a BBBEE private company, accredited by SATSA, the biggest Tours body in southern Africa, member of Cape town tourism bureau.


Kabura Travel & Tours is one of the best private tours services provider you Will ever found in Cape Town in the Republic of South Africa and also in the Garden Route. Over the years from its inception date, Kabura Travel & Tours has managed to provides hundreds of unmatched beautiful and luxury private tours in the most picturesque and exclusive part of country known to many as the garden route and cape town winelands region such as Stellenbosch and Franschoek in south africa. Kabura Travel & Tours has brought a different approach on any private wine tasting undertaken on any tours we have on our books, covering Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Franschoek regions or wine districts by providing our services in a luxury environment for any private tours that we offer in Cape Town, south African Mother city. Private or luxury wine tasting in Cape Town and in Stellenbosch has become the back bone of top tours attractions of Cape Town .


The wine tours along cape town regions in south Africa, are becoming more and more popular excursions for tourists visiting our beautiful city of Cape Town, and they have developed a trend of taking a tour with us with a private guide to explore Some of the 18 wine route tours we have in South Africa. If we have to clarify the order of popularity, our private daily tour of the most famous cape peninsula also known to many people from all over the world as the cape of good hope or simply cape point, this luxury and exclusive cape town tours product take the number one spot. Second on the list of our daily private wine tours Will be wine tasting af top awards wineries or vineyard found along the american express wine route incorporating wine tasting in Stellenbosch , paarl and Franschoek. Meeting the biggest five animals of south African have been made possible with our daily safari tours which are conducted on a private basis making sure that our guests get a safari tour on which they remember their cape town excursions for the years to come.


An African holiday should also have a time slot to interact privately with our local people in any township tour that we offer in cape town. If you are planing to have an exotic holidays in cape town, Remember Kabura Travel & Tours, we have the most affordable transfers and shuttle service you can count on to move you around your cape town daily tours on a private basis. We proud ourselves to be your #1 rated private transport services provider in cape town south Africa.

Hermanus winter whale watching season is here!
Top Cape Town Excursions 2016!


While most people will associate Hermanus as one of the top wine routes in South Africa for its Pinot noir, there is no doubt that Hermanus is one of the top places in the world to southern right whale watching. This can be enjoyed either from a cliff or an up close and personal experience by whale watching from a boat trip.

While watching whales from any cliff along Hermanus can be cost effective, we recommend a private whale watching in Hermanustour for the ultimate experience.


This year’s whale watching season is slightly different to previous seasons. There’s been a speedy increase of the Southernright Whales spotted during the recent boat-based whale watching tours in Hermanus. More than 20 Southernright whales were seen by our partners operating some of the boat trips in this town. We are experiencing a packed season of unlimited sights of marine life, namely the African Penguins, Humpback whales, Great white Sharks and Cape fur Seals. All these sea creatures were spotted during our private excursions in Hermanus, Cape Town.

TheHermanus whale watching tours season is in full swing and the best way to enjoy this amazing experience is with Kabura Travel & Tours. Let us take you on a journey of a lifetime! Book now!



Experiencing Cape Town Private and Exclusive Tours-Excursions in Cape Town

When you decide to do a tour of Cape Town in what is known as Cape Town Tours, we recommend you choose a private or exclusive tour. Seeing this majestic city should be done in style with plenty of comfort. It’s also great to see the city with a more personal experience.

Private and exclusive tours are offered to all the tourist and local areas of the city and will give you a unique experience. A private or exclusive tour is designed with your personal interests and requirements in mind. These tours are designed to give you the best possible experience and are able to be customised to your preferences.


Why choose Excursions in Cape Town?

Excursions in Cape Town are endless

Cape Town is the most beautiful city in South Africa. With mountainous views, clear seas, and an abundance of cultural experiences, Cape Town is a city you have to see on your travels. Rife with things to do, there’s always an adventure on the rise in the Mother City. Cape Town is home to one of the Seven Wonders of Nature and several stunning flora and fauna species. You can choose to enjoy the amazing beaches, climb an incredible mountain, see the Big Five, or just enjoy a cup of coffee in one of the beachfront cafés. Cape Town is also home to the country’s incredible wine routes, housing some of the best wines in the world.


The best places to see on your Cape Town private day tours

Cape Town Tours.

When visiting Cape Town either on a private day tour or just on private excursions,  we recommend you see all the incredible tourist attractions. There are cultural sights, stunning views, and plenty of shopping options. Here’s out list of the best places to see on your Private or Exclusive Cape Town tour:

  • Table Mountain
  • Chapman’s Peak
  • The Cape Agulhas
  • The V&A Waterfront
  • The Two Oceans Aquarium
  • Boulders Beach
  • Table Mountain National Park
  • Robben Island
  • Lion’s Head
  • Signal Hill
  • The Wine Routes
  • District Six Museum
  • Clifton Beach
  • Table Bay

Experience True Majestic Beauty with Whale Watching

One of the most majestically beautiful mammals in the world, the whale is a site to see. And if you’re planning on doing a Cape Town tour, you want to make sure that whale watching is on your list of things to do.

Take a private tour of Cape Town and see these gentle giants up close and personal. Whales range in size from the dwarf whale, which is 2.6 metres and 135 kilograms to the Blue Whale, which is 34 metres and 190 metric tons. The Blue Whale the largest creature that has ever lived.

What Will You See in Cape Town?

The main attraction to the Cape Town tour scene is the Southern Right Whale. The most commonly spotted whale in Cape Town, the Southern Right Whale is distinguishable by the callosities on its head, a broad back without a dorsal fin, and a long arching mouth that begins above the eye. Its skin is very dark grey or black, occasionally with some white patches on the belly.

You can also see other stunning whales like the Humpback whale, which is 13 metres long and weighs about 30 000kg. The Bryde’s whale is also sometimes spotted as well as other marine life like dolphins and the African penguin.

Where to See Whales in Cape Town

While it’s possible to see whales from your hotel room (with binoculars) the best way to see whales in Cape Town is to do a private tour. These tours will take you to Hermanus, located roughly and hour and a half from Cape Town, it’s the perfect location to do whale watching. When you take a tour of Hermanus, there are two routes to take – the highway with mountain passes, vineyards, and forests or the R44 Coastal route, a stunning scenic drive in South Africa.

Stunning Sights to See at Cape Point

Are you ready to see the tip of Africa? Cape Point is the most south-westerly tip of Africa and an amazing site to see. It’s rife with vegetation and home to magnificent bays, beaches, and rolling green hills and valleys. If you’re planning on taking a tour of Cape Town it’s just 60km outside of town and a favourite on most South African tours.

Made up of rugged rocks and cliffs 200 metres above sea level, Cape Point is something not to be missed. It sits in the southern section of Table Mountain National Park and the natural vegetation of the area, known as fynbos, comprises the smallest but richest of the world’s six floral kingdoms.

Find yourself a great Cape Town tours operator like Kabura Travel & Tours, and make sure you see the Cape Peninsula the right way. With plenty to see and lots of history to discover, you want to make sure you get all the info you need.

The Cape of Good Hope

Known as the Cape of Good Hope, Cape Point is a World Heritage Site and falls within the Cape Floral Region. The Cape Floral Region is one of the richest areas for plants in the world, and is home to nearly 20% of Africa’s flora. So take a tour of Cape Town at it’s most southern tip and enjoy a picnic in the park or a hike up the mountain.

Wildlife at the Point

Being part of a nature reserve, there are many amazing wildlife species to see at the Point. From a large variety of pelagic birds to mammals like zebra, eland, and Chacma baboons, as well as plenty of reptiles and small mammals, Cape Point is an amazing place for wildlife. If you do decide to take a private tour of Cape Point and want to see the animals, don’t be tempted to feed the baboons, rather stay well away as they can be aggressive.

There’s nothing quite as amazing as the site of wildlife in their natural environment. The site of a lion making a catch, of a baby rhino walking with his mother, of elephants taking a bath, are all amazing to see. And there’s no place more spectacular than an African Safari.

Whether you want to see the Big Five or you’re just happy to see some Impala, an African Safari is the place to see it all. Game drives are a popular favourite and many take a drive through the game reserves in comfortable cars. If you’re planning on seeing some spectacular animals on a safari tour, make sure to pack some binoculars and plenty of water.

The Big Five

A stunning site to see, the Big Five are five animals everyone wants to see in their natural habitat. Known around the world, the African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and White/Black rhinoceros roam South African safaris freely and are spotted daily.

The name ‘Big Five” was coined by a hunter after he declared these the five hardest African animals to hunt on foot. These five animals were chosen as the Big Five because of their difficulty to hunt and not their size.

Other South African Animals

While the Big Five is a huge draw to safaris, there are other stunning animals to see in South Africa. Some of the larger animals are the hippo, giraffe, kudu, wildebeest and zebra, which are all frequently seen on African Safaris. There are also plenty of native birds and reptiles to see, as well as the smaller animals like warthogs and hyenas.

Taking a game drive with a knowledgeable tour guide will give you the best chance of spotting some rarely seen animals. But don’t forget those amazing creatures that roam freely through the African landscape.

Private garden route tour from Cape Town in South Africa. When you decide to take a tour of a country it’s all about wanting to see the best that country has to offer. Places like South Africa house some of the most beautiful countryside in the world and Cape Town is the place to tour. Known as the Mother City, Cape Town offers an array of spectacular tourist attractions.

If you’re planning on doing a tour in Cape Town you can’t miss the Garden Route. Known for its sensational scenery, the Garden Route is a magnificent stretch of coastline that is home to golf courses, forests, malls, mountain hideaways, beautiful beaches, and much more.

The secret of the Garden Route

While Garden Route road is well known, it’s actually has a few hidden gems along the way that are well worth seeing. There are many hidden destinations, including Oudtshoorn, the ostrich capital of the world, as well as Calitzdorp, Sedgefield, the Wilderness, and Knysna.

If you look seawards you’ll also get a spectacular view and there has been many a humpback whale siting. From the land to the sea, there is something for everyone to see along this magnificent route. The Garden Route is also famous for its fynbos floral kingdom, its secluded little bays, and the fact that it’s a year-round holiday destination.

How to see the Garden Route

Most South Africans plan a road trip through the Garden route when planning a holiday to Cape Town. There’s nothing quite like driving through this scenic route with the family, and there are plenty of amazing stops along the way.

The best way to see this amazing coastline is in a luxury car. We recommend you book a tour through Kabura Travel & Tours so you can see this amazing scenic route in style.

Located at the tip of Africa, Cape Town is a city bursting with culture, life, and beauty. One of South Africa’s biggest tourist destinations, Cape Town is a city worth seeing. You can experience amazing things in the Cape – tall mountains, scenic views, and a culture of fun and diversity.

With a history steeped in exhilaration, Cape Town has always been a hub of excitement for tourists. Known as the Mother City, the city is known for its stunning views and local vineyards. So make sure your next holiday includes a tour of this amazing city.

It’s History

Cape Town was first discovered by Portuguese explorer Bartholomeu Dias who arrived in 1488 after journeying south along the west coast of Africa. Over the decades, the city built from a way station to a bustling city full of local and European culture.

During the Apartheid era, Robben Island (situated 6.9km offshore of Cape Town) was utilised as a political prison housing some of South Africa’s most infamous people, including Nelson Mandela. It has now been converted into a local tourist attraction.

What’s there to see?

Cape Town has plenty to see all year round. As a tourist, you’re able to experience everything the city has to offer and more. There’s the famous Table Mountain, which is one of the Seven Wonders of Nature, there’s Camps Bay, the heart of the Cape Town party scene, there’s Stellenbosch, a spectacular wine route, and plenty more.

Go shark diving or see the penguin colony on Boulder’s Beach, enjoy a fantastic nature hike up Lion’s Head or take a true African Safari. There’s plenty to do in Cape Town, which is what makes it one of the best cities to visit.

Are you the type of person who shines your one-of-a-kind crystal wine glasses five times a day? The type of person who sends back a bottle of red wine because it’s too warm? Wine is more than just a drink, it’s a passion and for those who want to explore it, there’s nothing better than an amazing vineyard tour.

Taking a tour to South Africa?

There’s one thing you cannot miss – the Cape Winelands. Famous the world over, these Winelands boast some of the best wines in the country and prides itself on its amazing views.

With so many amazing Vineyards to choose from, you can’t go wrong. Whether you’re a fan of something sweet and red, or you’re more one for the sparkling wines, you’ll be able to find the perfect wine for you. We recommend taking some time out and doing a Wineland tour of Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, and Paarl.


Just an hour away from Cape Town, the Stellenbosch wine route is the oldest in the country and showcases over 300 wineries. With a wine route so vast it’s been divided into several sub-routes including, Bottelary Hills, Devon Valley Vintners, Helderberg and Simonsberg-Stellenbosch.


Known for its warm hospitality and breathtaking scenery, Franschhoek Wine route is something worth seeing. Built around a small town this route boasts distinctive artistry and is the gourmet capital of South Africa. So expect to experience some of South Africa’s greatest wines and enjoy delicious food on this route.


This spectacular wine route started as an outpost for trade between Dutch settlers and the local Khoi, giving it an air of local culture and making it unique. The name derives from the appearance of the Paarl rock, which resembles a pearl after the rain. Just 45 min away from Cape Town this wine route is part of the experience of the Cape.