Welcome To Chobe National Park, Botswana

As a wildlife enthusiast, one step in Chobe National Park Botswana should quench your thirst. Chobe is the first national park in Botswana and the country’s jewel that boasts of so much wildlife. With its habitats that are conducive to wildlife diversity, there is so much abundance to explore. To experience a dramatic game viewing needs first understand that Chobe is home to elephants, and the first glance at Africa’s giants portrays an array of the big 5. Chobe is one of the best wildlife safaris in Africa. Before you combine your trip, consider certain options as tips for the best enjoyment of the Chobe tour in Botswana.

  • Always put on dull color clothes on a safari to less attract danger of any sort from animals.
  • Remember to pack your safari gear, sunscreens, sunglasses, and sun hats not only that but binoculars and cameras for photos and distant animal views.
  • The local currency of Botswana is Pula, but USD can be accepted as a token of appreciation. ATM and full bank services are available in major cities.
  • Dinners, American Express, Visas for EU commonwealth countries are not accepted.
  • Always pay attention to safety briefings given by rangers and lodge managers.
  • Remember to always be with the company, animals are capable of danger.
  • Botswana is a malaria zone, so always wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants to avoid mosquito bites.
  • Remember to travel with your prophylaxis.
  • Always ask questions that concern your safety to avoid being sorry.
  • There are enough shops for souvenirs, restaurants saving cuisines at local and
  • International levels, bars for booze. Let more of this information be given by your tour guide.
  • Enjoy the Chobe trip, remember you are not there every day... But we are as a team and we want to help you make it your perfect memory! 

Why Go There?

Chobe river forms the Northern part of Chobe National Park and that is the elephant capital in Africa with more than 120 000 elephants. Combining both the land and the river, prints are everywhere. From hippos and crocodiles, elephants, buffalos, zebras, lions, elusive leopards, and the laughing hyenas with more left to discover after an encounter.

This is one of the most exclusive destinations in Africa. There is so much to explore after considering the north circuit from Sorendela where lots of Mopani forests are and lush floodplains are. Chobe is indeed the best place on to bucket list for safari lovers since there is always an opportunity for game drives each day that offers a spectacular view after all. Fishing makes the river activities in Chobe and boat cruising are designed to form part of your excellent African experience. As the most accessible and the most visited part of Botswana, Chobe gives the mind of tailor-making your own tour with Victoria falls in Zimbabwe and activities that influence the Zambezi river.

    Where To Go In Chobe?

    • Chobe National Park
    • Chobe riverfront
    • Caracal biodiversity center
    • Savute reserve
    • Sarondela reserve
    • Baobab prison tree
    • Boat cruise in Chobe river
    • Victoria Falls and Chobe: This is when you want to combine the best wildlife, animal safari, and spectacular views of the jewel of Zimbabwe Victoria Falls. As the Tonga people call it Mosi Oa Tunya (the smoke that thunders), the place words explain less
    • Seboba Reserve and Recreational Park
    • Linyanti river
    • Pangolin Photo Safari
    • Okavango Delta wetlands.

    When Is The Best Time To Go To Chobe National Park?

    1. To most visitors traveling to Chobe National Park, it is quite usual that they consider not the subject of climate to the whole country. With erratic and unpredictable rains, Chobe is placed in a semi-arid climatic region. Having two major seasons of the dry and rainy seasons, thus considering the temperature.
    2. Rain season- this is usually the difficult time of the season to travel just like in any other countries, but Chobe seems to be very accommodative since it allows a visit to do even more activities in the chances given no rain on the day.
    3. Dry season – December to May -At this time of the season, the Chobe river accommodates large herds of elephants. This is the time of the year when the river proves to be the central meeting point of herds of elephants as they migrate to these permanent river waters for their family gatherings.

    Best Time to Go: Best: Good:

    • Jan
    • Feb
    • Mar
    • Apr
    • May
    • Jun
    • Jul
    • Aug
    • Sep
    • Oct
    • Nov
    • Dec

    Highlights of Chobe National Park

    • This is Africa’s greatest concentration of elephants during the dry season.
    • Herds of buffalos, sables, and countless migration of herbivores.
    • The big population of predators (leopards, cheetahs, the pride of lions, and laughing hyenas)
    • Self game drive for wildlife viewing
    • Chobe river safari for spectacular water giants 9hippos and crocodiles)
    • options of tailor-making and customize your itinerary combining Chobe and Victoria
    • Falls in Zimbabwe.
    • Africa’s big 5.
    • Tips you need to know to enjoy a perfect Chobe safari.

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