Welcome To Harare Zimbabwe

Harare the largest and capital of Zimbabwe is known to be the most populous city found in the North-east of the country. The city sits on the Highveld plateau of Zimbabwe which fits the nature of parkland landscape. As the country’s economic hub, Harare is more than just trade a center of Zimbabwe, but for decades the city has been attracting keen tourists, for education, businesses, relaxation, family and friends visitation and more.

The architect in the Central Business District is very historic with so much mix of the post-war and modern structures. As you enjoy the city walking tour, you are bound to witness its being in the state of excellence and one of the best planned cities on the African Continent. You may need not to dwell on the planned city tour whenever you visit this buzzing city of Harare, so much adventure will be waiting for you. There are high chances of indulging into different activities as you take your sweet time enjoying the city in your African bucket list

Why Go To Harare?

There is no place that offers the best list of things to entertain, educate and awareness to both young and adults like Harare in Zimbabwe. No change of life style and nothing is compromised, but a magnificent embracement of so much things to love. Having in mind what has been said of the British in invested a lot of education in Zimbabwe, so it a norm and a culture that one must take a tour and get well informed or educated from places and activities aroundAdventurous entertainment, leisure, history, museums, wildlife are designed for family ankids activities.

Where To Go In Harare?

  1.  Mukuvisi WoodlandsFrom Harare City Sports Centre, it is approximately 15 minutes (7.3 km) This is very much in the city and one the best and convenient places to visit for an excursion. Walking safari, bird walk, horse back safaris, pony rides for the kids. If you are an enthusiastic adrenalin pumping activity person, quad biking, electric biking and high chances of tailor-making your own tour.
  2. Thetford Game Reserve This is located in the Mazowe Valley, 40 km away form Harare. Not only designed for the local, but if international immerse yourself into an African adventure of exclusive game drives. Wildlife adventure, educational game drives, luxury lodges, weddings you name it.
  3. Lake Chivero Recreational ParkThough protected in the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Estateand in the Zvimba District, the park is not far from Harare and is accessed from the Harare to Bulawayo road. From a lot of rescue mission from Lake Kariba a lot of animals were made to habituate the park. Along with so much animals to see, hiking by a professional guide, horseback riding, fishing, picnics and boating in the lake gives a unique experience that creates a long-life time memory only because you have visited Harare. 
  4. Lion and Cheater Park and Snake World: This is best designed for family fun and only 40 minutes away from Harare. It is a sanctuary that has been there for decades and along with lions many animals are also habituated with so much opportunity to take game drive. It is quite magnificent to be park for the picnic. If ever wanted to have animals(giraffes, elands, nyalas, wildebeest, kudus, zebras and more) milling around table and lions in their directive places. 
  5. National Heroes AcreThis is Zimbabwe’s National Monument and the burial grounds located on the ridge 7 km way from Harare towards Norton. Being there is a for a purpose of commemorating the Patriotic Font guerillas killed during the Rhodesian (now Zimbabwe) Bush War, and it is so called the place for Heroes.
  6. National Botanical GardenLocated in the North of Harare city center, this has proved since 1962 that it has been a center of research and information for the indigenous flora and fauna with a mission of educating, developing, sustaining and conserving the Zimbabwe plants. Guided tours, relaxed walks with pets like dogs, beautiful walk around the garden and need for a different oxygenated atmosphere are some of the reasons why you should visit. 
  7. Chapungu Sculpture ParkZimbabwe has a lot of stones for sculptors and in Msasa, the art of Zimbabwean sculptors is best displayed influencing an attraction to tourists all over the world. Quite a number of Botanical gardens import sculptures from Msasa. Its like the best place to take a piece of Africa home. 
  8. Zimbabwe Museum of Human ScienceFormerly Queen Victoria Museum, and a museum that contains a 700-year-old Lemba artifact which by some is believed to be a replica of the Ark of Covenant, the oldest wooden object ever found in Sub-Saharan Africa. Good archeological understanding and history is benefited and a beautiful gallery experience.
  9. Domboshava: Located 27 km away North of Harare, the place is quite famous for rock formation that resulted in erosion and paintings from 6000 years ago in cave and on top of the hill around Domboshava. An awe in views around the landscapes are given by lichen colors of green, red and grey covering vast hilly-place. 
  10. Kuimba Shiri Bird Sanctuary: Translated from “Singing Birds”, this is for bird lovers a place located on the shore of Lake Chivero. The place has rare indigenous and exotic. If never encounter the large African eagles like the Fish, Marshall, Black and Crowned eagles. Though as a sanctuary that provide home to orphaned, injured and abandoned birds the mission is to give awareness to people for the sake of respecting and helping the environment to recuperate from what it is losing.  It takes on 27 km away going out of Harare. Along with the birds, also enjoy the sunset cruise in lake Chivero and exquisite meals.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Harare?

Seasonality is usually not considered whenever you plan to visit Harare for what always is in stock, both in-door and out-door activities for everyone. Memorable experiences are all that matters especially for kids and adults, no one is left behind. Its like food for everyone.45`

Hottest Months - September, October, November and December

Coldest Months – May, June, July and August.

Rainiest Months – December, January, February and March

Best Time to Go: Best: Good:

  • Jan
  • Feb
  • Mar
  • Apr
  • May
  • Jun
  • Jul
  • Aug
  • Sep
  • Oct
  • Nov
  • Dec


  • Game safaris
  • Adrenalin activities
  • Horseback riding
  • Encountering animals
  • Guided and walking tours
  • City walking tours
  • Township tours
  • Culture tours and more.
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