Welcome to the Cape Winelands of Robertson:

With its similarity to the Southern Italy terroir and climate in like a nest, on the base of Langeberg mountain,

Robertson – is one of the best wine regions to go visit for the best attraction to revitalize your senses at any time

of the year. Not only it is home to many wine estates, art galleries, charming boutiques, picturesque town, but

also Georgian Victorian Style houses, flowering Jacarandas and secret cacti. How about being spoilt in choices

as you make some discoveries of relaxation and adventure in this so-called Route 62, which is one of the longest

wine Route in the world with the world-award winning wines.

Why Go to Robertson

Robertson wine region has more to offer welcoming its visitors even upon arrival. Wine lover will not take seconds

before acclimatizing with the surrounding atmosphere. Local Capetonians agrees that this is the largest fruit and

wine producing valley in the whole western cape region. For more:

  • Food - Food lovers are most welcome to try from apples, olives, peaches, pastries, jam, pies, cheese andmany more the region has to offer.
  • Wine tasting – the experience has more food pairings making it enjoyable with relaxed gourmet picnics.
  •  Beer and brewery tours
  •  Hiking adventurously in numerous trails
  • Helicopter tours and sky-diving
  •  Horse back riding and rides on-wagon to many wine farms
  • Many Archeological heritage site of Khoisan and bushmen, art galleries, museums and spectacular
  • orchards that carpet the wine and roses valley
  •  This is the Brandy and Musk Adele Capital of South Africa, and the World’s finest Brandy is distilled in the
  • Robertson and Langeberg region
  • Vineyards and wine tours in one of the world’s longest wine routes, Route 62.

Where to Go on a Wine Tasting Tour in Robertson?

It is just 2 hours away from the city of Cape town to Robertson. And as we prefer to call it, the Valley of wine and

roses with so diverse landscapes, more natural wildlife beauty and a lot of outdoor adventurous activities. There

more choices in 50 wine farms to mention just a few;

  •  Springfield Wine Estate
  •  Van loveren Family Cellar
  • The Bon Courage Wine Estate- MCC (1927)
  •   Weltevrede Wine Farm- 1933
  • Rietvallei wine Estate

All from the oldest family-owned wine estate to private owned wine farms, your choice can help us to customize

your itinerary and recommending you to our best, to spend enough time indulging in delicious food and wine

pairings. Mingling with the locals as you enjoy the surround beauty of Robertson can result in generous friendly

hospitality of Robertson wine region.

When is the best time to go to Robertson?

Robertson is in the Western Cape Region, where tourism in its busiest months of December to February calls for

expensive flights and hotel. Apart from that, the valley is in the semi-arid region which makes it ideal for visiting

throughout the year even in cold winter snow times always seen on mountains peaks. Summer December to

February , temperatures varies between 30 and 34 degrees celsius. In autumn, which is between the months of

March and May, temperatures varies between 21 and 34 degrees celsius. In winter months, June to August expect

the rain per week for approximately 3 to 5 days of rain. Expect the temperatures of 23 to 30 degrees celsiusfor

the Spring months of September and November.

Best Time to Go: Best: Good:

  • Jan
  • Feb
  • Mar
  • Apr
  • May
  • Jun
  • Jul
  • Aug
  • Sep
  • Oct
  • Nov
  • Dec


Robertson is part of Langeberg wine region which is one of the longest wine routes in the world called the

Route62. The region is famous for its World-class Wines with Winning Awards and world’s finest brandy. Outdoor

adventurous activities, lazy picnic boat cruise in breede river, horseback riding and sky-dive are just a glimpse of

what this region has to offer. The life-blood of this region are waters contributed from the surrounding mountains

of Langeberg, breede river and many small spectacular tributaries. The history of this region from its discoveries

of 1853 is better experience in the present-day life experience and adventure.

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